Bill Vlahos treated stripper to gifts, overseas trips and new breasts

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  • FEBRUARY 28, 2014 10:00PM

BILL Vlahos treated a Men’s Gallery stripper to luxury gifts, first-class overseas jaunts and even new breasts, while members of his failed The Edge punting club lost millions, the Herald Sun can reveal.

Vlahos befriended the exotic dancer, who went by the stage name “Charlie”, in late 2012 and flew her around the world with him.

The disgraced racing identity, whose punting club has lost up to $500 million and ruined hundreds of lives, shelled out for breast enhancement for the mum of four.

One punting club member said: “I’m not happy. We’re still chasing our money and he’s out paying for a stripper’s boobs.”

It comes as Racing Victoria laid two charges against Vlahos on Friday night over his use of punting club funds to prop up his collapsed racing company, BC3 Thoroughbreds.

Vlahos has been banned from racecourses and from betting until the charges are heard by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board.

Sources say Vlahos, who is also under police investigation, became obsessed with Charlie and her friend, “Mikayla”, a brunette at the same club, after a visit during the Spring Racing Carnival.

Early last year Vlahos returned to the club with business associates and spent thousands for his group to be entertained by the two women.

Within months, Vlahos booked them first-class air tickets to Dubai for the Racing World Cup.

The March 2013 partying saw Vlahos splurge on the presidential suite of the extravagant Burj Al Arab — one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the world.


Days later Charlie and Mikayla were pictured in Sydney with Vlahos when he splashed out $5 million on Black Caviar’s half-brother, “Jimmy”, on behalf of BC3 Thoroughbreds.

A source said that the strippers became used to Vlahos’s high-spending lifestyle.

“After they went to Dubai they got a bit of a taste for the life and couldn’t wait to go to Las Vegas,” the source said.

But the Vegas trip never happened.

Towards the end of last year Vlahos asked the girls to attend a night out with him and business contacts at a club in Brunswick, but he never paid the four-figure sum he had offered, and his contact with them all but ceased.

Neither stripper now works at the Men’s Gallery.

Speaking outside her home in Melbourne’s east, Charlie said: “I’ve got nothing to say. I have no idea where Bill is or what he is doing, or even if he is still alive.”

Vlahos didn’t return Herald Sun calls. Sources close to the Vlahos camp denied he had paid for Charlie’s boob job, alleging confusion, as he’d paid for a procedure for his wife.


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