Mildura race run over wrong distance

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RED faced Racing Victoria stewards admit the Roadside Services & Solutions rating 58 race was run over wrong distance at Mildura on Sunday.

RV steward Peter Ryan said it was not until after correct weight had been given that it was established that the race was run over 1100 metres, not the advertised 1000 metres.

Ryan said an inquiry has been opened and adjourned into how the race was started from the wrong distance.

He said evidence has been taken from the starter and assistant starter.

“It’s no excuse and ultimately it comes back to me, but there was a patron crook in the crowd and the ambulance was attending that person,” Ryan said.

“Everyone was rushing once that person was cleared, but that’s what you do at race meetings.

“It’s just disappointing that neither myself or some of the staff didn’t pick it up. That’s where we’re at, there’s no point trying to dodge it.”

Ryan said he had received no feedback from trainers who had horses in the race.

He said after correct weight was given there was a query over the time of the race from the judge.

By Adrian Dunn TVN Sunday, September 1, 2013 – 4:11 PM


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