Jockeys Daniel Ganderton and Peter Robl lay into each other on Twitter

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STEWARDS will investigate a Twitter exchange between Peter Robl and former Sydney hoop Daniel Ganderton, which kept their followers entertained for a couple of hours early yesterday.

Ganderton, who now rides in Perth, took aim at fellow jockey Blake Shinn and his efforts as a guest presenter on TVN Saturday.

In one post, Ganderton wrote: “Would rather shoot myself in the eye with a nail gun than listen to his drivel ! Apparently Australia agrees”

Shinn’s good mate Robl then went on the offensive, telling Ganderton what he thought, starting with an 8.57am post: “They labelled you the next B Shinn until you cracked under the pressure and turned to the drink #haterwillalwayshate”

Ganderton hit back: “Called the next B shinn ! Really no wonder I took up drinking ! That would be torture! Pressure ?? What pressure ?”

The pair continued to trade barbs for most of the morning.

Chief steward Ray Murrihy said he would look into the matter, and decide if they had crossed the line and brought racing into disrepute.

Murrihy said stewards were currently investigating another matter involving another jockey sending messages on Facebook.

“Forums that public have access to, jockeys are better off keeping out, ” Murrihy said.

“We’re already investigating another jockey acting inappropriately on social media.”

The Hong Kong Jockey Club was believed to have come down hard on their jockeys towards the back end of their racing season after several jockeys took pot shots on Twitter.

Interestngly, while Murrihy would love to see jockeys spend less time on social media, Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland encouraged Aussie players to embrace it and continue to engage fans.
Sutherland was at the time responding to a question about the use of Twitter after David Warner’s late-night attack on two respected journalists.

Ganderton was never far away from the headlines while riding in Sydney. Robl is Shinn’s closest mate in the jockey’s room and pulls no punches.

“There comes a time in life when you have to stop blaming all others for your own inabilities and realise it’s not everyone else’s fault!!” Robl wrote about Ganderton.

Robl tweeted again: “Mate it takes a strong person to criticise someone they are jealous of on social media. Yet when in the same room don’t say boo!!!”

Ganderton wrote in another post wrote: “You may need to go easy on the coffee today only 25 cups instead of 30 your a bit on edge.”

Ganderton finished the exchange by telling Robl “… It’s all about what you want out of life ! Me I’m still unsure.”

Murrihy and his panel were kept busy on Saturday at Rosehill with five horses ordered back to the trials, including winner Photon Willie, while a handful of hoops were reprimanded. Observers said the wind always caused horses to stir.



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