Bookie robbed at gunpoint after Rosehill meeting

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A leading Sydney bookmaker has been held up at gun point outside his Paddington home after returning from Saturday’s Rosehill meeting.

Grant Palmer arrived home with his two brothers and a mate before being ambushed by what he describes as “a highly sophisticated operation”.

“Five guys with guns were waiting in the only spot that we wouldn’t be able to see them,” Palmer said.

“They were wearing balaclavas and moved swiftly telling us to drop our (bookie) bags.

“We had two bags but there was nothing in them. The only got a couple of laptops, which are worth peanuts but I have no doubt this was a planned operation and they had followed us previously.”

Palmer said robbing bookmakers is “a waste of time these days” with no incentive for the perpetrators.

“Most bookies don’t take cash home,” he said.

“The biggest clients are credit clients that settle during the week and we leave any cash with security at the track.”

Anyone with information can contact Surry Hills police on (02) 9265 4144.

Nic Ashman


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